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On September 26th, 2021, Long Nguyen, Cryptia’s very own CEO, held an AMA ( Ask Me Anything) session about our upcoming game with the Crypto Family community ( Here, we had a chance to introduce our budding project, the people behind it, what it stands for, and how we plan to sustain the game in the long run to a group filled with insightful Crypto traders. Albeit nerve-wrecking, our Cryptia team had a blast, and got to learn so much about what insiders are currently expecting in new NFT games!

Without further ado, here is a recap from one of our most recent AMAs:


Q1: Please briefly introduce your project and the team behind it.

Our latest project, World of Cryptia, is a brand new NFT game, developed by a seasoned Japanese game company called Gianty Inc. Carefully crafted upon a balanced foundation that is the Play2Earn mechanism, we plan to captivate our users via two factors: Exciting gameplay & Concrete community-building.

Looking at what the current game market has to offer, it is obvious that our project does not compete in terms of extravagance. This simplicity, however, allows us to simultaneously reach and grow alongside communities both inside and outside the Blockchain ecosystem — something that should take current AAA games at least 2–3 years to do. As said simplicity invites people in, our state-of-the-art gameplay will convince them to stay.

The mastermind behind this smooth operation is a combination of 3 teams: Gianty (game creation), RikkeiSoft (blockchain research), and FomoCraft (marketing strategy). Alongside the generous help from our advisors and other kind organizations, Cryptia is here for long run — and it knows exactly how to get there.

Q2: Could you tell me some of your major partnerships and what value they bring to the ecosystem?

For the time being, we can only announce two:

1. FomoCraft: Our marketing headman, whom helps us with their brilliant strategies and expansive connection to top KOLs across the globe. Thanks to their social outreach, many Crypto communities have been contacting us for similar AMA sessions — at our peak, we had 3 in one single day! Our team is starting to develop a love-hate relationship with Fomo from just how busy they are making us (laughs).

2. IceTea Labs & Thi: Thi has been our good friends for years. He, too, shares with us an undying passion for gaming. As the founder of Gamefi Redkite, Thi has been superbly helpful in terms of helping us settle in the Gamefi launchpad. Many of our accomplishments, such as establishing a stable Tokenomics & a feasible roadmap, reaching out to prospective diamond hands, etc., are all thanks to his advise.

Recently, we have finalized on quite a few intensive partnerships. Keep an eye on our future updates to see who they are!

Question 3:Can you tell us your marketing plans to expand Cryptia globally?

From the get-go, World of Cryptia is meant to be a game made globally and for the global audience — which is a characteristic shared by any similar blockchain projects. The vast number of our activities and campaigns, up to this point, share one standpoint: to gather organic users. In order to do so, we have been trying our best to share our visions and build a community based on transparency and mutual respect. One example of this is the amount of AMAs our CEO and CMO have been doing for the past few weeks! If you are a part of many Crypto communities on Telegram, you might have seen us more than once as of now (laughs).


Q1: Can you tell us how much effort put into the gameplay and design of CRYPTIA? There are many projects that are coming out with gaming approaches, but most of them focus on the economic model rather than the gameplay operating and graphics, what’s Cryptia focusing on at the moment? @Greyhair_08

That’s a lovely question — I have been dying to talk about this. In fact, my design team is right behind me pushing me to boast about their hard work (laughs)! Regarding our graphic design, as you can see below: Their quality speaks for itself.

Q2: All the goals of your project is absolutely great, But one of the main factors users looking for in the crypto project is the use cases of the token. So what are the Use cases of $CRYPT token in your platform? What are your plan to increase the adoption of $CRYPT token? @KiyokoSumaru

Regarding World of Cryptia’s gameplay, I can promise you it is nothing short of quintessence. If you have ever played a Japanese game or a game made to enter the Japanese market, you will see the kind of meticulous details put into every single one of them. Cryptia is built upon the same set of standards.

Our Japanese game developer team, Gianty Inc., has had experience publishing games on smartphone platforms and running them smoothly for almost 10 years. Even now, their products still have a massive number of cult followers dying to know what their next project is. You think our design above is impressive? Wait till test our gameplay, because our team focuses a lot more on accentuating Cryptia’s storyline and actions. By putting ourselves in the shoes of gamers, we want our game to truly be Play2Earn at its core — not Grind2Earn.

Q4: I saw your roadmap and was surprised that the idea and art style of Cryptia was conceptualized way back in 2017! Why did it took almost 4 years for you to implement and release your game? What was holding you back then? Also, was the initial goals of the project still intact? @PKragak

It’s true that the game was first developed in 2017. The ideas made at this point were rough, but they will always be a cherished nucleus at the center of everything. During our 4 years of hiatus, we saw a substantial slowdown from the game market and felt that it wasn’t the time yet. In 2021, though, our intuition kicked in. Our team gathered together once again, promising to make this last. From that point on, with the technical help from many experts, our original gameplay setting was readjusted to fit into the NFT blockchain bedrock. We also made a switch to use BSC and polygon chain for our tokens, instead of Ethereum. Last but not least, we brainstormed various updates that would push forward the healthy expansion of our community.

Q5:How was the idea of Cryptia born? Can you indicate some unique gameplay features or incentive mechanisms that can attract more players to your platform? How do you see yourself in 1-year period and beyond? @tony_binex

World of Cryptia is set in a medieval world, similar to a lot of fantasy RPG and roguelike games previously released. I cannot remember clearly how the idea behind it was born; all I do recall was how exuberant our director and I were after 2 weeks of researching and piling more details onto the original premise. From then on, everything has just been go, go, go, go.

The result of that is a plethora of unique gameplay features and incentive mechanisms specifically aiming to benefiting our community. Here are some examples:

  • Ruins ownership: Guilds compete with one another. The winner becomes the official owner of a ruin, receiving the rights to upgrade and make a profit out of it.
  • Community vote: The results from voting sessions will determine what Cryptia’s next upgrades will be.
  • Design/Event concepts: Players submit their ideas or drafts bout how what a perfect “World of Cryptia” looks like in their mind and are rewarded with hefty prizes.
  • Adventure Training Dojos: where players stake and gamble with their own heroes.

and much much more


Q1:Do you have AUDIT certificates? Or Are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

I would like to point out that audit does not guarantee 100% protection; it is merely a way to possibly increase the quality of the codes in our project. Currently, Certrix is our go-to guy for auditing. Additionally, our company (RikkeiSoft) has a Blockchain research team of its own, whose expertise lends us a helping hand in terms of finding out legal errors and the likes to ensure our user’s safety.

Q2:I see that this game is triple-A type . Its mean A lot of Money, A lot of Time, A lot of Resources. So could you tell us more about this

Thank you for showing interest in our project. I think there might be a misunderstanding here: World of Cryptia is not AAA-rated — but it has all the potentials to be the best game there is before AAA-rated games find their way into the Blockchain ecosystem.

Q3:Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

We don’t have Coin Burn because it’s illegal in some countries. But we have a mechanism similar to coin burn. This system locks user’s coin in a wallet for around 5–10 years (kinda like a saving account), and recirculate them afterwards. That is all I can reveal for now, sorry (laughs).

Q4: Community is a key element for every project, if you want to be successful, can you make sure that you are a partner in community governance? Do we need to bet to get votes?

As mentioned earlier, we prioritize community-building above all, both those inside and outside of the Crypto-investor circle. Being a game enthusiast for over 20 years and an investor for 10, I have dug through quite a number of similar projects; some cared about its inner culture, some chose to focus on other priorities — guess which lasted longer. Understanding that a project cannot possibly survive without users, our team has decided among ourselves that no matter what we do, we need to express our gratitude towards them firsthand. Words alone are not enough — we are going to consistently show them that through our actions, be it events or voting sessions.

Question 5:Staking program is very important for any project, Can i stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking program?

We do have staking program — on the roadmap, it’s right after our initial NFT sale. The mechanism is an amalgamation of staking and holding — where users will choose a crypto coin to stake (bitcoin, etherum, tether, etc…) and based on the real-time status of the coin, the efficacy of a character’s power-up will fluctuate accordingly. This mechanic is called the Adventure Training Dojo.

And that was it for our AMA session with Crypto Royals — what thrilling 2 hours! We are all very passionate with World of Cryptia; and we hope this talk passed on the overflowing excitement.

If you still have further questions regarding our project, feel free to raise your voice via these channels:

💻 Website:

🐦 Twitter:

👨‍👦‍👦 Telegram:

📜 Telegram Ann:




Crafted for years in Japan. Now brought to life by #crypto. The $CRYPT token unlocks the 1st FUN & CINEMATIC #PlayToEarn #blockchain game.

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Crafted for years in Japan. Now brought to life by #crypto. The $CRYPT token unlocks the 1st FUN & CINEMATIC #PlayToEarn #blockchain game.

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