AMA Recap | Gamefi & Cryptia [Part 1]

Fresh off the batter — just last night (October 4th), our Cryptia team had our long-awaited AMA session with the world-renowned game launchpad, Gamefi! Stepping into their community of over 130,000 active users, our team was overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions: relief, anxiety, excitement, anticipation. But most of all, we were touched, as this milestone represents that we are another step closer to introducing World of Cryptia to the public. We have waited 4 long years for this moment, so without further ado, here is a recap of the Gamefi x World of Cryptia AMA.

*Due to the length of this AMA, we will be dividing our recap into 3 parts, which align with the 3 segments of the real-time event.)

**Because of an emergency, our CEO, Long Nguyen, could not join the talk as planned. Cryptia’s Co-CMO, Dao Tue Man, will be Cryptia’s spokesperson for the day)



Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? Also, please give us a brief introduction on what Cryptia is all about?

Thank you for the question. I am Dao Tue Man, co-CMO of the World of Cryptia project.

World of Cryptia is an NFT Blockchain RPG Fantasy game, brought to you by the collaboration of RikkeiSoft (Vietnam) and Gianty Inc., Japan. Consisting of seasoned technical experts of their field, such as our CEO Long Nguyen, who has had 15 years of experience being a programmer working on miscellaneous global projects

Our project aims to build a stable, long-lasting Play2Earn community brought together by their enjoyment of our in-game adventures, and the money-making opportunities it may supplementarily gives.

Q2: How did you start your journey with this project?

My journey with Cryptia started earlier this year, when I was referred to the project by Long’s friend. After one brief Skype talk with Long, I was hooked by his passion and expertise. Let’s just say he “passed the vibe check” (laughs), and truly convinced me that if I chose to commit, I would be a part of something truly special.

Q3: What are the major milestones you have achieved so far? What are your upcoming activities? Please share your roadmap to the community.

Our top milestone is definitely the growth of our community. Firstly, our game has successfully attracted numerous investors from around the world; some are industry giants, such as Gamefi, Redkite, Kyros, Altonomy, Hyperchain, Signum, and Arkstream. Secondly, we also have in our hands a number of Telegram groups with thousands of active and passionate fans, who have been so supportive and constructive throughout every stage of our development

To keep the fire alive, we are always creating community events and airdrops, which have been fairly successful with over a few hundreds participants each time.

Oh, and our Twitter has just reached 5000 followers after only 2 months of operation earlier today, so that’s a cherry on top too!

Our future milestone is to expand that community ten-fold, and to have a successful game release that hopefully would keep up with everyone’s expectations

Here is our roadmap. As you can see, we are currently at stage 1, with everything going smoothly and according to plan. Our next step is to hold a successful IDO and continue to develop our gameplay for the upcoming beta test.

Q4: How can this game apply the Play-to-earn scheme? What makes it unique than any other play-to-earn games?

Regarding the “Earn” in our Play2Earn schematic, we provide our players with 2 options:

1. Getting your own CRYPT tokens: Our total supply for CRYPT is currently 500,000,000 tokens. We have a hard cap of $3,000,000 — the majority of which we expect to raise from the private sale round of $2,300,000. The seed round and public sale round will be worth approximately $350,000. The initial market cap will be $1,340,000, with an initial circulating supply of 33,508,000 tokens.

Like any other investments, you earn profits for yourself by committing to the project on a long-term. With the current unstopping growth of both the game industry and the blockchain platform, I do not see our investors suffering from loss any time soon.

2. Selling NFTs on our in-game marketplace: As you clear a level or purchase a gacha, you will be prized with NFTs. These NFTs can either be a weapon, a hero, etc. Depending on their attributes, NFTS vary in value. By buying expensive gachas or upgrading the NFTs you currently have, you are also increasing their worth as you put them on sell.

Our game’s selling point, on the other hand, is actually its gameplay and community value. As far as I’m concerned, current NFT games focus more on being a niche, creative trading platform for crypto professionals, rather than being, well, a game. Being diehard gamers ourselves, we center Cryptia’s development around being an exciting gaming experience that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their interest/knowledge on NFT and blockchain.

What makes our gameplay interesting is, firstly, its nucleus — the “team ruin exploration” feature — is carried out by the Roguelike system. This allows gamers to experience new quests no matter how many times they repeat a level. Thus, Cryptia keeps you on the edge, even when you’re just merely playing alone to kill time.

And for those who wish to enjoy Cryptia with other people, we also have a plethora of features that allow them to do so, such as PvP events and Guild Wars (where guilds compete with one another over the rights to manage and operate Cryptia’s ruins).

And that is it for PART 1: PROJECT OVERVIEW.

Stay tuned for the next episode of our recap, where never-before-seen designs freshly published by our game developers are revealed, for the very first time.



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