Cryptia Announces Icetea Labs As Incubation Partner

The blockchain firm will bring all its resources to help Cryptia bring a lush medieval-themed quest RPG to GameFi.

3 min readSep 22, 2021


Hello Cryptians! We’d like to take the time today to introduce you to our key incubator — Icetea Labs! Icetea Labs is bringing its experience in GameFi development to integrate blockchain gaming to the lush and beautiful World of Cryptia successful.

Icetea Labs is an incubator and advisory firm with a strong tech bias. They focus on incubation, advisory, and development services to crypto startups. The first project that was launched by the time was PolkaFoundry, which provided more than 48x return for early investors. Moreover, the team has a strong connection with the Polkadot ecosystem and can help crypto projects migrate to the Polkadot ecosystem. For that, they have access to a developer hub with more than 1,200 developers ready to work. This experience has provided the perfect backdrop for Icetea Labs to help existing games to be retrofitted with blockchain characteristics.

They have accumulated experience with many spin-offs, incubations, and advisory missions. They have contributed to the success of DeFi startups such as RedKite and Genesis Shards launchpads, NFT toolkit projects like NFTIFY, as well as many GameFi projects such as Kaby Arena, HeroVerse, and FaraLand.

Icetea Labs believes that role-playing games (RPG) offer a significant advancement over pioneering GameFi projects like Axie Infinity. RPG will be a significant trend in the GameFi ecosystem as it develops over the next few years. Cryptia could be a potential leader of this transformation of Play-to-Earn (P2E) to include more than just crypto profits, but also be Fun-to-Play (F2P). Icetea Labs will assist the Cryptia team with blockchain development and the integration of the existing game into blockchain economics.

We are excited to work with them and can’t wait to bring to you, dear Cryptians, our GameFi RPG!

Welcome to the Cryptia World, Icetea Labs!

About Icetea Labs

Icetea Labs is an incubation and advisory firm. They have contributed to the success of many crypto projects, in both DeFi or GameFi. The team is conversant in multiple blockchain languages including Solidity and Substrate. In addition to their acumen with GameFi tokens, they have incubated versatile projects like Fizen and NFTIFY.

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