Cryptia appoint Joe Wong and Nicholas Krapels as Strategic Advisors

The two crypto marketers will work with the Cryptia team to make the GameFi RPG a success in the P2E world.

Dear Cryptians. We are pleased to present to you two of our strategic advisors, Joe Wong and Nicholas Krapels (Prof.K).

The two founders of FOMOcraft have a long experience in the blockchain industry and a deep understanding of the crypto world. They are working to make Cryptia a #GameFi success and assist us with strategy, marketing, brand development, and tokenomics.

Bringing crypto Marketing experts to launch Cryptia into the GameFi world

Prof.K is an American educator, entrepreneur, and early blockchain adopter based in Shanghai. He’s been actively involved in the crypto world now for almost six years. He started his career as a teacher. He taught entrepreneurship and strategy at Tongji University, SKEMA Business School, and the University of Aberdeen. Strongly connected to the Shanghai crypto ecosystem, Prof K was appointed Director of Growth and Strategy at WanChain, an interoperable platform enabling the transfer of digital assets between blockchain. Moreover, he participated in many innovative blockchain projects helping with strategy, marketing, and development.

On his side, Joe is a brilliant marketer, a serial entrepreneur, and a start-up advisor. For 22 years, he worked all across Asia and managed marketing campaigns for the largest brands in the world. The marketing expert also launched wtf* bikes, a fixed-gear bike business catering to avant-garde bikers. During this time, Joe had his first introduction to the crypto-world by accepting Bitcoin as a payment. Joe learned DeFi during the DeFi summer and started to advise crypto companies. In 2020, he and Prof.K successfully “Blitz launched” MANTRA DAO token, a community governed DeFi platform.

Building FOMO from the ground

Together, Prof K and Joe cofounded Fomocraft, well-known marketing, and strategy advisory firm. Fomocraft is well known in the industry for its “Blitz Launches.” Their strengths lie in brand building, narrative marketing, and attracting the best talent to take up roles to complete the team. They also provide product development strategy, specializing in crafting circular token economies that are robust in their value capture mechanisms.

They were both early investors into Defi and now #GameFi. With their help, we can focus on what we do best, creating an epic and fun game. And Joe and Nick will assist us with strategy, marketing, and tokenomics. We are already excited to work with these two, and we are excited to make together, Cryptia a future #GameFi hit!

🐲 ⚔️ Welcome to the World of Cryptia! ⚔️🐲

A full-scale blockchain fantasy RPG where you can hire Adventurers, explore Ruins, and discover various Items in a World called Cryptia. Powered by the $CRYPT token, Adventurers and Items exist as NFTs that have a variety of attributes. Use them to help navigate multi-level difficulty Monsters and #PlayToEarn lots of rewards.

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