Danger Disclosed: Cryptia’s Gameplay And How To Become The Top Adventurer

4 min readOct 19, 2021


Due to the exceptionally meticulous nature of our Japanese game producers, so far, not much information regarding World of Cryptia’s gameplay has been released to the public — we believe in letting the quality of the work hype up itself. Now that our game release in November is approaching, we are pleased to disclose to you the once-confidential X-File that encompasses a more detailed sneak peak at what it is like being a Cryptian adventurer.

  1. Team Ruin Exploration:

The core foundation of World of Cryptia’s gameplay. Upon entering an abandoned ruin that once was the sacred ground of the four nations of sorcerous elites, players will form a team of 4 adventurers. Overcoming back-bending battles and mind-bending puzzles, they will be rewarded with invaluable treasures.

All Cryptian treasure chests contain TIA tokens: the game’s secondary token. TIA tokens speed up the recovery of injured adventurers, augment training sessions, and pay for Class Change (to be explained). They can also be used to purchase items that elevate your exploration, or invest in the maintenance of your guild’s ruins, which is a feature to be updated during the stage 5 of our roadmap.

World of Cryptia’s Roadmap

More often than not, you may also obtain NFTs as a post-exploration reward. These NFTs come in 3 types: weapons, adventurers, and ruins.

2. Preparing for a team ruin exploration:

Keep in mind that a team ruin exploration is more than just a fight against monsters for rewards when you customize your quad. Ideally, a player should mix-and-match a team with a diversified skillset. For instance, with a thief on your team, there is a chance that you might locate a hidden treasure even before you defeat a monster, which optimizes your benefits as you clear the level. And because thieves are not made for combats, at least one of the remaining adventurers must possess the attributes of an attacker, should you want to defeat the guarding monster(s) and keep the treasure your thief has found.

A ruin might also be filled with dead ends or incomprehensible inscriptions that prevent you from moving forward — perhaps consider recruiting adventurers specialized in resolving such issues in case they come up.

Additionally, ruin exploration also consists of progressional difficulty levels. During the beginner’s phase, quests are considerably easy to clear. The more ruin exploration you successfully end, the more challenging the next ones become.

There are 10 levels in the beginner’s phase. Players advance into the latter phases of the game one level at the time, on the map that they have chosen.

5. The Roguelike system:

The exploration of ruins is carried out by the Rogue-lite game system, allowing players to experience new challenges no matter how many times they pick the same map. Because of this, there is no one-size-fit-all team composition to get you to the top in World of Cryptia — it takes trials-and-errors, versatile adventurer shuffling, understanding your team’s limits, and overall absolute commitment.

This does not mean the lessons you have learnt from clearing the previous levels are useless. Repetitions might occur every once in awhile, as the monsters and the ruins they guard must share the same origin (for example, fire-based monsters are more likely to be found in fire-based ruins). As you spend time exploring all the corners of Cryptia, you will eventually get a glimpse of what to expect and how to optimize your adventurer collection.

6. An extra post-exploration benefit:

Aside from TIA tokens and NFTs, upon clearing ruin exploration, players will receive a “Testament of Success”. When the number of testament you own reach a specific amount, the “Class Change” feature from your account is unlocked.

A “Class Change” is another type of Cryptian in-game transaction , where players sell its hero’s skillset at the marketplace. If you want to change the skill of an adventurer you own, you can use your TIA Tokens to try to inherit a different one from another player’s. By doing so, your original skills will either be switched (should they accept your offer) or upgraded (should they reject your offer). Because each hero’s attribute only has a limited capacity, performing Class Change will help expand the capabilities of your favorite heroes to brace them for the tougher challenges ahead.

The aforementioned are features expected to be ready during our game release next month. As players walk through Cryptian adventures, multiplayer features and smart phone adaptation will be consistently developed by the 2nd quarter of 2022. After this phase ends, further updates are to be continuously executed based on community votes and constructive opinions on our social media channel.

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