DEX Listing Update for $CRYPT

Find out the details here for today’s liquidity event provided on the premier AMM on Binance Smart Chain — PancakeSwap!

Thanks to our wonderful and rapidly growing community we have now OFFICIALLY CLOSED OUR Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) on PolkaFoundry’s RedKite and our Initial Game Offering (IGO) on GameFi. The response to our humble medieval RPG Quest game, incubated for years by Japan’s GIANTY game studio, has been tremendous!

The tiered IDO pools on RedKite and GameFi, each with $147,000 of $CRYPT allocation available, will close soon!

Thank you for your support and rest assured that the team at Cryptia have only begun on their own quest to create the most Fun to Play Play to Earn title in the entire GameFi industry!

Public sale $CRYPT participants will find liquidity on PancakeSwap today Friday, October 8.

Thanks to our new community members from RedKite and GameFi for a successful initial decentralized offering. Now let us move on to the meat of the matter and reveal the listing details for the rest of today’s launch.

Community Pools

Now we wait for the Public Pools! If you do not have any $PKF or $GAFI tokens, you can join one on RedKite or on GameFi. Max allocation is 30 BUSD and is First Come First Serve (FCFS) to those who won whitelist spots without having to stack the launchpad tokens. Good luck!

Critical Timings

Friday, October 8

  • 12:00pm UTC: IDO/IGO on PolkaFoundry RedKite and GameFi
  • 1:15 pm UTC: GameFi Community Pool
  • 1:15 pm UTC: RedKite Community Pool
  • 1:30pm UTC: CRYPT/BUSD liquidity added on PancakeSwap
  • 1:45pm UTC: Claim Portals open on both RedKite & GameFi

Sunday, October 10

  • 1:45pm UTC: Claim Portals open for Seed & Private Pools on RedKite & GameFi

*It pays to stack $PKF and $GAFI. Seed & Private Sales buyers on Red Kite & GameFi can buy their token on 10 Oct with 10% off and claim on the same day

BEP20 Token Contract Address


🐲 Go to BscScan Token Tracker.

⚔️ Go to Dextools CRYPT/BUSD Chart.

Happy trading!

🐲 ⚔️ Welcome to the World of Cryptia! ⚔️🐲

A full-scale blockchain fantasy RPG where you can hire Adventurers, explore Ruins, and discover various Items in a World called Cryptia. Powered by the $CRYPT token, Adventurers and Items exist as NFTs that have a variety of attributes. Use them to help navigate multi-level difficulty Monsters and #PlayToEarn lots of rewards.

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