How The Staking Program from Japan’s Most Anticipated NFT Game Works

World of Cryptia has recently confirmed a strategic partnership with Oraichain to establish a state-of-the-art, AI-backed staking system where players are commemorated with powerful NFTs. These NFTs are the rarest, most sought-after adventurers in Cryptia due to their one-of-a-kind attributes — keep and upgrade them to advance to the top ranks of our game.

As Cryptia grows in global influence and user pool (which our advisors predict to be one to three years from now), these rare heroes will grow tenfold in terms of value. When the time is right, you can always sell them at our marketplace, and enjoy the exponential profits flooding into your wallet.

In this article, we will be looking at the fundamentals of crypto staking in general, the mechanism on which Cryptia’s staking program is based, and the exact benefits investors who participate in the program will get.

1. What is staking

The mechanism of staking is somewhat like a saving bank account, but for cryptocurrency. When a person decides to stake, it basically means they decide to put a part of their crypto asset on lock, under a mutual agreement that they shall not open and withdraw it before a specific amount of time.

During the period the staked tokens are left on idle, the remaining tokens become more valuable than ever, as an originally limited token supply has further reduced in capacity. In return, investors who stake receive special rewards, similar to how holders of saving accounts earn some money on the side via their bank’s saving. interests.

2. How does staking in World of Cryptia work?

Staking requests will be put into 3 vaults backed up by Oraichain aiRight’s platform, based on the date on which the tokens were locked, and the amount of time it must remain so. Details of each vault’s characteristics are as followed:

Vault Earth: 20% APR, starting from Oct 15th

Vault Sun: minimum 1000 CRYPT, 50% APR, lock 1 month. Enroll time from Oct 15th — Oct 17th.

Vault Moon: minimum 1000 CRYPT, 100% APR, lock 3 months. Enroll time from Oct 15th — Oct 17th.

The top 1000 stakers from vault 2 and vault 3 will be decided after a thorough scanning at 11:59PM UTC, on October 17th). They will then be included in the Whitelist for World of Cryptia’s First Generation Gacha Draw — where our rarest hero NFTs are put on display. Additionally, the top 50 stakers from vault 3 will be rewarded with 3 more draws, thus optimizing their chance of getting the best out of the event.

All First Generation Adventurers are packed with one-of-a-kind attributes that are almost impossible to find in traditionally obtained adventurers.

So if you are an ambitious showstopper who does not settle for anything but the best , DO NOT miss out on this opportunity.




Crafted for years in Japan. Now brought to life by #crypto. The $CRYPT token unlocks the 1st FUN & CINEMATIC #PlayToEarn #blockchain game.

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Crafted for years in Japan. Now brought to life by #crypto. The $CRYPT token unlocks the 1st FUN & CINEMATIC #PlayToEarn #blockchain game.

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