Things You Need To Know About The Stake-And-Lock Feature of Cryptia’s Training Dojo

2 min readNov 18, 2021


Tonight (November 18th, 2021), we will officially open World of Cryptia’s long-awaited Adventurer Training Dojo — where heroes are enhanced and healed. As mentioned in a previous article, the Training Dojo has three main features, one of which, the Stake-And-Lock Room, will be activated right after this grand opening! In this article, we will be explaining all the basics do’s-and-don’t’s and clear all confusion as to how to make the best of this one-of-a-kind NFT staking mechanism.

As mentioned in an earlier article, the efficacy of a Stake-And-Lock session fluctuates alongside the exchange rate of real-world cryptocurrency. Here is exactly how it works:

Step 1: Choose a default Cryptocurrency (USDT, ETH, BTC, BNB) that represents your staking session.

Step 2: Choose one or a set hero(es) and one of the stats (STRENGTH, MAGIC, LIFE, AGILE) to enter the staking session.

Step 3: Leave the staked hero there for a default period of 7 days.

To celebrate the launch of one of our game’s most important selling points, we reduced training duration to 1 week and selected only tethers (stable coins) as our staking options. This is to make sure every hero staked would have a guaranteed +1 stat after the first week. After the game has launched, this duration might increase. We’re planning 1 month — what do you think?

Step 4: Unlock your hero after the deadline.

🚀 If the coin’s price has an X% increase at the deadline of the staking -> Your stat will increase 1 unit, with an X% probability of increasing 1 more unit.

🚀 If the coin’s price has an X% decrease at the deadline of the staking -> There is an (100-X)% probability of increasing 1 unit.

Tutorial video coming up!




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