World of Cryptia Ambassador Program: Be Our Ally

Ever since World of Cryptia began its global promotion in September, many people interested in the project have asked us about the prospect of an ambassador program. As our project is gradually coming into form with the upcoming game release, we are pleased to announce you that the time has come for us to seek the eminent faces who will become our voice around the world.

All you have to do is to apply by filling this application form.

Marketing experts from the Cryptia team and its strategic partners will select 25 applicants as the game’s official ambassador. The committee’s decision is generally based on the depth of an applicant’s passion towards and understanding of World of Cryptia, as well as their ability to articulate those to the right audience.

Upon accepting our offer, the chosen ambassadors will have the freedom to spread the ardor in them to as many people as possible, the best way they know how. This could mean building friendly and informative discussions among our Telegram communities, expanding World of Cryptia’s social presence via Youtube videos, etc. — the possibility is endless!

Every Sunday, photo evidence of all the hard work they have dedicated to Cryptia will be submitted to a designated Google sheet file for an exclusive weekly $CRYPT reward ceremony on Monday.

The prize pool for the first month is set at $5000 worth of CRYPT. Prize allocation is to be negotiated. Generally, an ambassador can expect to earn around 50$ — 200$/month.

Think you might be the perfect fit?





Crafted for years in Japan. Now brought to life by #crypto. The $CRYPT token unlocks the 1st FUN & CINEMATIC #PlayToEarn #blockchain game.

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Crafted for years in Japan. Now brought to life by #crypto. The $CRYPT token unlocks the 1st FUN & CINEMATIC #PlayToEarn #blockchain game.

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