World of Cryptia’s Genesis Gacha Sale Schedule

With OVER 700,000$ AMASSED during our staking program, it is clear that everyone from the NFT game community is dying to get their hands on a Cryptian hero — why wouldn’t they? After all, these are the original NFT characters from the Japanese production team that has bought you Ayakashi Hyakki Yakou, Goken, and Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn’s worldview.

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about World of Cryptia’s EXCLUSIVE adventurer debut event of the year:

World of Cryptia’s 1st Generation Genesis. Gacha Sale

Time: Thursday (Oct 28), 8AM UTC


(*) Link will be accessible when the event begins

Duration: 1 hour/round, multiple rounds

No. of Participants: Whitelisted token holders only


  • Exclusive discount price (price increases after each round ends)
  • With every round, 1 randomized token holder will get a 100% chance to win an Epic hero.
  • All tokens received are burnt.
  • Chances by Hero Type: 69.4% for Normal, 30% for Rare 0.6% for Epic

We told you everything we have been preparing for this event will all be worth the wait!

Only days left, guys. Stack up on your #CRYPT and get moving!



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Crafted for years in Japan. Now brought to life by #crypto. The $CRYPT token unlocks the 1st FUN & CINEMATIC #PlayToEarn #blockchain game.