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On October 28th, World of Cryptia launched its 1st Generation Genesis Gacha Sale for whitelisted token stakers. With a starting price of 500 CRYPT (approximately 50$ during the course of the event), all heroes, which were distributed based on a system of randomized draws, were quickly sold. Most notably, its first two rounds were sold out in respectively 6 and 7 minutes!

When a buyer opens a gacha, its hero’s basic profile and stats are displayed as below:

Aside from their Genesis title (signified by the golden G at the upper right of the hero) rarity level (signified by the symbol at the bottom left of the hero), non-gamers might be puzzled by other indexes showcased on the screen. In this article, using the confidential “World of Cryptia’s Character Guide” sent to us by the game producers at GIANTY themselves, we will dig into the definitions of these terminologies and how they may help you build your strategies by the time the gameplay is officially released.

The Character Stats:

  • LIFE:

A hero’s survivability. When this bar drops to 0, the hero it represents will be disabled from performing any action until the level ends. A team ruin exploration is automatically declared as Failed when all heroes from the team has no LIFE left.


A hero’s physical power. The more STRENGTH a character has, the more damaging his attacks will be when inflicted to a boss monster.

  • MAGIC:

A hero’s magical abilities. This status represents the impact of a wizard’s spell on its victim, as well as the stability of their defense upon receiving sorcery-based attacks from their opponents.

  • AGILE:

A hero’s agility. Because World of Cryptia’s actions are executed via turn-based commands, each hero will combat against monsters one-by-one. Having heroes with high agility allows this flow to move along quicker without any long interval, thus, maximizing the frequency of attacks on Boss Monsters.

2. The Characteristics of Races in Cryptia:

  • Human:

Possess average stats. Whatever class (occupation) a human is assigned with, he/she can perform designated tasks by standard.

  • Dwarf:

Possess strong STRENGTH and LIFE. A dwarf’s abilities may be strengthened when his/her class is either Swordsman or Priest.

  • Elf:

Possess strong MAGIC. An elf’s abilities may be strengthened when his/her class is either Wizard or Archer.

3. The Characteristics of Classes in Cryptia:

  • Swordsman:

The main attacker of a team, specializing in close-range combat. In general, they have relatively high LIFE & AGILE, and can have their STRENGTH upgraded more quickly than other classes. Being a class with the highest fighting skill, swordsmen should be your go-to character during a battle against monsters.

  • Knight:

The main defender of a team. In general, they have relatively high STRENGTH & AGILE, and can have their LIFE upgraded more quickly than other classes. By shielding their team members from monster attacks, knights ensure none of your team hero must sacrifice their LIFE to clear a quest.

Because their skillset can only be used during a combat, it is best not to include knights in puzzle-based team compositions.

  • Archer:

The secondary attacker of the team, specializing in long-distance combat. They work best against monsters that use traps or weapons to prevent heroes from getting too close. They have relatively high AGILE, and can upgrade their LIFE & STRENGTH to an extent.

Additionally, upon facing a concurrency, archers also know exactly where to go to avoid dead ends or dangerous occurrences. As higher levels become more multifaceted, consisting of more than just battles, having an archer on your team guarantees you a smooth-sailing adventure.

  • Thief:

The main supporter of the team. They have the highest AGILE among all classes, and at the same time, the lowest STRENGTH. Ironically, thieves are among those who last the longest in a battle, yet they cannot contribute anyhow to attacking monsters.

In return, they are the only people who can help you detect and avoid the traps that may kill your team before it even reaches the final monster battle. Aside from collecting post-battle prizes, thieves are also capable of finding and acquiring hidden treasures earlier in an adventure. All in all, they help establish a sense of stability for your team.

  • Wizard:

Having magical abilities, wizards can use their spells to decrease the MAG of sorcery-based monsters, as well as inflicting substantial damage onto monsters that are hard to defeat with regular weapons. Obviously, their MAG index is omnipotent. On the other hand, their LIFE is the most vulnerable among all classes, making it extremely dangerous for them when targeted by a monster.

Being the group with the highest intellectual capacity in Cryptia, wizards can decode ancient inscriptions and use said information to help your team advance into an exploration more easily.


The healer of the team. As God’s apprentice, they help increase the survivability of the whole team by catering to the wounds of the damaged. Their humble stats may put you off from keeping them as an ideal explorer; however, without a priest to revive their LIFE, even your best hero might fall.

A team consisting of both a knight and a priest is much more likely to clear a battle without scratch than other composition.

And that, my friend, is all you need to know about the heroes of World of Cryptia. Due to a huge wave of request from global NFT enthusiasts, we are organizing a public NFT sale for all token holders to step in and get a hold of their own world-class Cryptian action stars. More information is coming soon, so make sure to join our community, follow our announcement channel, and subscribe to our Medium newsletter!



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