Cryptia’s Adventurer Training Dojo: When “Buff” In Traditional Games Meet Crypto

Having an in-game facility where characters’ skills and stats are enhanced to conquer the ever-increasing difficulty levels is a must-have for most traditional games. World of Cryptia, Blockchain’s first ever full-scale Roguelike NFT game, is built upon the same standards. In this article, we will be looking at all the details regarding Cryptia’s “buff” mechanism, as well as how its creators have employed cryptocurrency into the process to create an innovative gaming experience for both investors and non-investors.

  1. Classifying Training Sessions:

Upon entering the training dojo, players consume a certain amount of TIA (Cryptia’s in-game secondary token) to admit their heroes into 3 different sessions:

  • Character Recovery:

During an exploration, the stats of a hero may decrease due to traps or monster attacks. After the exploration ends, said stats will not be automatically renewed. The Character Recovery Session was created to fill up these missing stats, in preparation for your team’s upcoming conquests.

  • Character Evolution:

Where players upgrade their chosen hero. With each upgrade, the hero, alongside their title and attributes, will be transformed to a higher level.

  • Character Enhancement:

In Cryptia, the stats of every hero has different stages of maximum limit, called the max value. The Character Enhancement Session is where this max value is lengthened. This lengthening process ends when the max value reaches potential value — the point where enhancement can no longer be made.

2. How The Character Recovery Works:

By paying a designated amount of TIA, in a single Recovery Session, players can refill these 4 stats: LIFE, STRENGTH, MAGIC, and AGILE. There are two types of recoveries for you to choose: Normal & Priority. The latter is a bit more expensive, as it does not take time to wait.

3. How The Character Evolution Works:

After clearing a Ruin Exploration, players will receive a “Subjugation Certificate”, which is basically a medal of honor that marks your successful conquest. These certificates are categorized by Ruin’s Origin: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind. A hero will evolve (reach a new level) when you have submitted enough Subjugation Certification of the same origin as them and TIA tokens. For instance:

Fire Knight → Fire Subjugation Certificate + TIA → Fire Paladin

Water Knight → Water Subjugation Certificate→ Water Paladin

Wind Knight → Wind Subjugation Certificate→ Wind Paladin

Earth Knight → Earth Subjugation Certificate → Earth Paladin

4. How The Character Enhancement Works:

Character Enhancement is sub-categorized into 3 types:

  • Standard Training: All standard training sessions will cost the same price (paid in TIA). The success rate of a session will be randomized by our dojo system. This is to ensure every player gets a fair chance of enhancing their heroes, regardless of the amount of TIA they have.
  • Skill Inheritance: All Skill Inheritance training sessions will cost the same price, which will be a bit higher than the Standard Training. When training a hero with this feature, players will have to choose another hero from the same class (occupation) that they own as a “training material”, which will be annihilated after the session ends.
  • Stake-And-Lock: the efficacy of a Stake-And-Lock session fluctuates alongside the exchange rate of real-world cryptocurrency. Choose a type of cryptocurrency with which you wish to associate your training session, predict when its price might go up, set up a time and stake them accordingly. Based on the real-time price change of your cryptocurrency of choice, the efficacy rate of your training session will either increase or decrease.

Our training dojo is currently undergoing a few beta tests, and will be opened this weekend. Catch the news regarding their updates, detailed release schedule, and other announcements via our social media channels:


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