World of Cryptia’s Characters: The FAQs

3 min readNov 4, 2021


Wait no more to get to know our characters better. Meet Long, World of Cryptia’s CEO, who is going to reveal some in-depth features of this groundbreaking NFT game’s heroes . While awaiting for the game trailer to go live, let’s learn more about how to utilize an exploration team and make the best of your gaming experience.

  1. How many different characters are there in Cryptia?

There are 3 races with 6 classes (occupations) in total. So we got 18 different combinations, not to mention the stats/skills/hero potential added, leading to billions of choices.

Without a doubt, each and everyone of them is one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable.

2. Can I build my character from scratch?

I’m afraid the answer is a nope, for the time being. The only way you can get a character is from a Gacha sale or NFT sale. The NFT sale is currently in the making and soon to be released.

On the bright side, it is of your choice to “modify” as well as “strengthen” your character after the the establishment of the training dojo.

3. Why do all characters have full Stats? Is this a Genesis hero-only feature?

Upon being sold in our NFT or Gacha sale, all characters will have full stats. he reason is very simple. The characters have not had any damage from combats inflicted upon them yet! In the future, these stats can decrease as well as be upgraded, though there will be some limitations.

4. How many characters should I have to start a game?

The minimum is one and the maximum is four.

Because each and every one of our dungeons are diverse in terms of the challenges they bring, having less than four might expose your character to damages that could have been easily avoided by employing characters of another class into the team.

5. Does the gender of a character have different functions? Can we marry characters and have NFT characters just like axie infinity?

Gender does determine the magnitude of certain indexes; but for the time being, this system is yet to be applied. Please keep an eye on our updates!

Regarding in-game family-building: We have not considered it. As the game is released and players mess around with their heroes, we will see if there is room for character-breeding features.

6. What is the function of the dog? Does the dog have any attributes?

As for the dogs, they are our heroes’ loyal sidekicks . For the time being, they neither contribute to an exploration nor can be sold separately.

Just think of them as an irreplaceable accessories.

7. How does the team in Cryptia work?

For a team ruins exploration, you will be creating a team of 1-to-4 adventurers of your choice, preferably each from a different class and possesses a different skillset.

Our ruins do not have a general blueprint: some have monsters, some only have traps, some have neither of those but have hard puzzles, some have valuable but very well-hidden treasures. Because of this, there is no one-team-fit-all strategy to clear Cryptia’s levels — you must constantly brainstorm tactics, team-building, and upgrade your heroes in a versatile manner in order to “bop to the top”.

Details about this will be shown in our gameplay trailer, which is coming up in less than 2 weeks!

8. What is the difference between rare and epic?

The difference between a common, rare, and epic hero is the capacity of their hidden stats — which will be unlocked as you enter an exploration or put them in a training dojo — our in-game facility for character enhancement.

10, Can I change the hairstyle, hair color or customize my own character?

Well, not for now but there is a high possibility the function will be updated in the future.

Got even more insightful questions or update requests to ask us? Join our global community or submit your concerns to our FAQ box!




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